Radak Editorial - Farm Bill not very nutritious - Letters -- Published Aug. 30, 2007

Letters -- Published Aug. 30, 2007

Farm Bill not very nutritious

As a public health nutritionist, I agree the House of Representatives didn't go far enough in changing the Farm Bill, especially when it comes to nutrition ("Still plowing old ground," The Record, last Thursday).
We're experiencing the highest rates of obesity, diabetes and other diet-related illnesses in our history - and federal farm policies are exacerbating this public health crisis.
The American food environment desperately needs to change.
Members of Congress can help by cutting subsidies for feed crops, which in their processed forms become high-fat, cholesterol-laden pork, bacon, cheese and other meat and dairy products.
These are the same products that contribute to obesity and chronic diseases.
Americans' health should come first. The Farm Bill needs to reflect science-based nutrition guidelines, promote healthy dietary choices and reduce federal support for consumption of cholesterol, fat, sugar and other unhealthy products.
Americans are relying on Congress to make this happen.
Tim Radak
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Washington, D.C.

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